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ASTM with its experience across ERP projects is best suited to work with customers to implement the SAP Business All-in-One (BAIO) and roll out your global templates to regional businesses.


We provide you with end-to-end services which include consulting, design, development, implementation, and integration and application lifecycle management.


These services are tailored by our certified consultants and industry experts to ensure your business strategy and process efficiency goals.

We deliver right-fit solutions and services that align with our client’s visions and strategies.

Sometimes those needs overlap with special projects and niche technologies.


ASTM is well acquainted with the following additional service offerings:


Artificial intelligence (AI)

Machine learning (ML)

Deep learning (DL)

Natural language processing (NLP)

Chatbots and conversational AI

Business process automation

Computer vision

Niche Services from ASTM


These and other various niche services can accelerate ROI realization:

Creating low-risk, high-return MVP

Proof of concept and increased stakeholder confidence

Business alignment with phased strategies

Boosted sentiment with demographic and psychographic affirmation

Deep learning accelerated timelines

Training large neural networks

Fraud detection digital agent modeling

Auto-response system patterning

Recommendation Engine for product suggestions

Ideas That Value your Time!

We connect businesses, ideas, and people for greater impact...

Our Product development Sentiment analysis has a lot to offer. Our clients span global consulting firms, high-growth startups, state federal government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. 


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